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Love Without Words

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Keeping with the intimacy often say "I Love You" is good, but it is not the only way. According to Scott Haltzman, MD, psychiatrist and author the book The Secrets of Happily Married Men, love can be expressed with the expression of this variety, as quoted Redbook site.

Prepare Breakfast Love
Prepare the toast, and the image of the heart smile on bread with jelly. Or make the heart smile garnish with sliced cucumber or tomato in the fried rice, breakfast to your partner. Believe, it will make a pair of love smile to you.

Be Romantic
Place the sheet of paper containing expressions of love written or picture form, the pair pillow. He will leave feeling happy with the bed because the flow of your love.

Care for Him
Prepare a hot water bath or serve a cup of warm tea when the home is on a drizzling night, will make it very comfortable and feel loved still.

Give Appreciation
Many men who complained about the lack of appreciation of what is already done. So, harmless reveal your pride or praise when caring for a husband without the diligent garden, paint the fence itself, or help clean the house.

Message inter communion
Send short messages to be intimate means right now to keep the affection, for example, contains, "I Hear 'You're Beautiful' its James Blunt, so remember you."

Create a hint for
Cheek kiss her husband three times as symbols of the words "I love you" be a faithful wife, the morning. The husband's reply to toot the car three times, each time you want to leave for work. You can make your own creations for intimate love.

Be teaser
According to Scott, cosmetic tool can be used to reveal love. You can put lipstick to create a tattoo, for example, images that seduce arrow below the navel to the bottom direction. Guaranteed, this will make the pair you love. "Remember, man is like a visual," said Scott.


Is it true that dreams have meaning???

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The dream may not mean anything, but new research found that many people believe dreams contain important truth that is hidden, as is done by Sigmund Freud. Therefore the report that revealed in Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, February issue.

"Psychology of experts on the meaning the dream is very diverse," said Carey Morewedge, assistant professor at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. "But our research shows that many people believe, give them a dream-depth view of the meaning of the self and the world," he said.

In six different studies, researchers conducted a survey of almost 1100 people dream about. In one study on the general belief about dreams, Morewedge and co-author Michael Norton, assistant professor at Harvard Business School, conducted a survey to 149 students in the United States, India, and South Korea (South Korea), and interrogate them about the various theories about dreams.

Culture in the third country, the majority of students go on the theory that dreams reveal a hidden truth about themselves and their world, a belief also held by the nationally representative sample the United States, Morewedge.

In another study, Morewedge and colleagues wanted to examine how the dream might affect behavior when people realize. As many as 182 workers who leave the train at the train station prompted Boston imagine that one of the four scenarios that may have occurred on the evening before a scheduled trip to the plane.

"Most people understand that the dream seems impossible to predict the future but that they do not impede the search for meaning in their dreams, whether its normal or weird," he said.


Early Menstruation, Menopause Coming Fast

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This is not a myth. Menopause is defined as the occurrence of menstruation is not settled after the loss of egg cells usually occur in all women in the age of 50's

But when that time comes earlier, the women need to be careful with the symptoms that come. Period such as this often make women confused, desperate, and the fuss everyone.

Patterns of living such as smoking, often stress, less sleep, often consume fast food meals, spicy and hot food including a hot environment to be triggered more quickly in women during menopause.

Such a pattern of life the higher the performance of the brain. In fact the higher the performance of the brain, such as female sex hormones estrogen and progesterone produced egg cells (primordial follicle) more and more produced.

In the women's overall reproductive average 400 follicle are primordial, which are already at the baby. Egg cell and the new exit after reaching menstruates first. The adult female and a little more egg cells are produced.

Early menstruation period, who came to the child under the age of 12. To prevent the unwanted, it is recommended to parents for each examined the child to the doctor.

If it has been estimated that such deviation occurs in the body of the child. Probable tumor or the like.

In fact, menstruation can not be stopped. All going natural. Therefore, before the parents come menstruation must be physically and mentally prepare the child for them. "It is better before they came menstruation. Provide knowledge about menstruation.


Stress can occur in children

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Children are still vulnerable because the stress is very dependent on the adults around him and has not been too defense mechanisms have a strong spirit as adults.

Therefore, they need protection from the very adults to environmental pressures that can lead to stress and prevent the development of one's soul.

Opinion that children may not have a problem, so avoid stress is not right. In fact, often it is said, the children even more vulnerable than adults stress.

Stress is the pressure felt by individuals as a manifestation of fear and feeling unsafe. If someone feels threatened, either physical or psychological, such as threatened will be killed, lost their jobs, and left those who loved to go, he will feel anxious and tense. This is the pressure that cause stress.

Stress on the stage that can be reasonably motivate children so that both academic achievement and in other fields such as sports or the arts. However, excessive stress that would negatively impact the lives of children.

Stress in children can be caused by not feeling safe or the emergence of a threatening situation, either from family, school environment, and social environment. From the family environment, for example, children who get a new brother, so all attention shifted from himself to a baby brother, the child is too often guilt ed, and the parents separated in a way that is not good.

From the school environment, for example, the first experience of school is less enjoyable, the curriculum is too dense, the stern teacher, failure in school, homework and moved the pile to a new school. The school's environment, stress can arise due to social unrest that lead to children must participate flee, the situation is not secure, and moved home.

Both parents and teachers need to strive so that children are protected from excessive stress. He said, this is another way to create safe and comfortable atmosphere of psychological, children receive what is, to understand the feelings of children, and try to dialogue effectively with the children. When the child anxious and tense, we strives to be still be quiet so that no child will be involved in responding calmly.

Attitude will make a quiet child is able to disembowel himself honestly, and this will make the problem can be solved well. Give the opportunity for children to express it self more freely and unimpeded, whether it is through dialogue, to listen to complaints a quiet and careful, and through creative works, such as free painting, poetry writing, essay writing, and telling stories.

Show the child the benefits-the benefits of the surplus assets and esteem they have any children so that positive self-concept and optimal growth with full confidence. That all parties, whether parents, teachers and the wider community so that children attempt to avoid excessive stress to take the psychological atmosphere that is safe and convenient for them.


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